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HMD906 High Speed Magnetic Drill

High speed mag drill design for Carbide Cutters.

• Large 2" x 2" capacity
• Powerful high torque Hougen motor and gears
• Two Speed gear box - 350 & 650 RPM
• Pilot light
• Two stage magnet - 30% increase in power when
  motor is turned on
• Positive slug ejection
• Integrated coolant bottle
• Many accessories are available for a
  portable machine shop including: drill
  chucks, tapping, countersink, and more...
• Feed handles quickly change from side to side
• Lift detector safety system
• Rear mounted controls
• Carrying case included
• Two year warranty

Swivel Base adds even greater versatility:
• Precisely line up your pilot with the holes
   center location
• One stroke lock and unlock handle
• Great for horizontal, overhead, tight areas,
   and getting out over another piece of steel
• Patented

HMD906 magnetic drill for holes up to 2" in diameter

HMD904 is made in USA    

Features for the HMD906

The HMD905 contains a pilot light for better visibility and low light conditions The HMD905 has a two speed Hougen motor The HMD905 contains a two stage magnet wihich increase holding power by 30%
Pilot Light Two Speed Motor Two Stage Magnet

Never lose the hex wrench with the built in hex wrench holder D-ring makes attaching a safety chain quick and easy The HMD905 has a slot drive arbor system for easy change out to use accessories The HMD905 has a integrated coolant bottle
Hex Wrench Holder D-Ring for easy attachment of the safety chain Slot Drive Arbor System Integrated Coolant Bottle


Electrical System 115V, 50/60 Hz - 10A, 1150W

Motor 9A (115V), 350/650 RPM

Diameter 7/16"- 2" (12mm - 50mm)

Depth 2" (50mm)

Cutter/Mount "12,000-Series" & Copperhead™ Carbide cutters, 3/4" shank

Dimensions 22-13/16" H x 7-11/16" W x 11-3/4" L
(579mm H x 195mm W x 299mm L)

Swivel Area 1-1/8" W x 1-3/8" L
(28.5mm H x 34.9mm W)

Magnet Base 3-1/8" W x 6-9/16" L (79mm W x 167mm L)
1" Plate (25mm) Dead Lift
1750 lb. (794 kg)
Drillpoint Breakaway
995 lb. (452 kg)
3/8" Plate (9.5mm) 1310 lb. (594 kg) 710 lb. (322 kg)

Magnet (Swivel) 1" Plate (25mm) Dead Lift
1340 lb. (608 kg)
Drillpoint Breakaway
For. 695 lb. (315 kg)
Back 835 lb. (379 kg)
3/8" Plate (9.5mm) 1015 lb. (460 kg) For. 503 lb. (228 kg)
Back 605 (274 kg)

Weight 35 lb. (15.9 kg) • Shipping 52 lb (23.6 kg)
Weight (Swivel) 38 lb. (17.2 kg) • Shipping 55 lb (24.9 kg)

Shipping Dimensions 24.5 x 9.25 x 28.25" (62.2 x 23.5 x 71.8 cm)

Models & Part No.
Click on Part No for Op Manual

Part No. Description Voltage
Coolant Bottle
Cutter Kit
Special Plug CSA Tool-Less Arbor
0906102 HMD906
0906104 HMD906

* All drills include: carrying case, pint of coolant, safety chain, & hex wrenches.

Drill Chucks

Drill Chucks for Hougen Mag Drills
Easily use twist drills with an HMD906. Drill chucks are quickly installed in place of the arbor. Spindle adapters are required to use a drill chuck.
Part No.
1/2" Hougen Chuck with key
1/2" Jacobs Chuck with key
Replacement key for 1/2" chucks
Spindle Adapter for HMD906

Twist Drill Adapter

Hougen Twist Drill Adapter kit for making small holes using a magnetic drill -shown in the arbor
Easily installs in a Hougen Magnetic Drill* without removing drill arbor and coolant system. Adapter accepts a modified 118° twist drill with a 1/4" flatted shank that secures in adapter with a set screw.
A convenient kit is available containing all items listed below.

Part No.
Twist Drill Adapter with Set Screw
Set Screw for Adapter
1/2" dia. Twist Drill
7/16" dia. Twist Drill
3/8" dia. Twist Drill
5/16" dia. Twist Drill
1/4" dia. Twist Drill
Twist Drill Adapter Kit

Tapping Kits

Esaily tap holes with Hougen mag drills
Lightweight, easy to install design incorporates a planetary gear reverse with a 1:1 ratio. Reversing speed is equal to spindle speed so in-feed and out-feed of the unit can be employed without reversing motor direction. Tapping Kits are not recommended for use with swivel base drills.

Instruction Sheet
* Always tap in low gear (250RPM)


Drill Model
Part No.
Tap Cap. inches
Tapping Kit
20068 (includes adapter 08176)
#6 - 1/4"
1/4" - 1/2"

Countersink Kit

Countersink kit for portable magnetic drills makes 82 degree countersinks
Designed for use with Hougen Magnetic Drills, 82° Countersink is double fluted with carbide inserts for maximum cutting action and long life. For holes from 9/16" to 15/16" diameters.
Part No.
82° Countersink Kit InDesign countersink with inserts & (4) Pilots - 9/16, 11/16, 13/16 & 15/16" plus a torx wrench
82° Countersink with Carbide Inserts (Does not include pilots)
9/16" diameter Pilot
11/16" diameter Pilot
13/16" diameter Pilot
15/16" diameter Pilot
Replacement Screw
Replacement Wrench
Replacement Carbide Inserts (Box of 10)
Use for mild steel, cast steel & malleable iron
Replacement Carbide Inserts Wear Resistant (Box of 10) Use for structural steel, stainless steel, harder steels & non-ferrous materials

Pipe Adapter Kits

Drills holes in pipe using the Hougen Pipe adapter
These kits let you drill pipe and tubing with a minimum 3" diameter and some convex surfaces. Kits quickly attach to your Hougen Magnetic Drill and positive non-slip positioning assures centered hole location.
* Minimum 3" diameter, maximum 12" diameter
Part No.
Chain mount for model HMD906


Ratchet Drive

Use a ratchet with a HMD905 portable magnetic drill
With the feed handles of the HMD906 removed the Ratchet Drive is easily installed allowing use of a standard ratchet handle for drilling in confined areas. Ratchet Drive operates from either side of the drill.
Part No.
Ratchet Drive for Model HMD906 Mag Drill, does not include Ratchet

Portable Vac-Pad

Vac-Pad uses hop air to aid in drilling holes on diamond plate and aluminum
Vac-Pad works exclusively with the Model HMD906 on non-ferrous materials, diamond plate and materials with surface imperfections up to 3mm deep. Standard shop air provides 761 lbf surface holding power at 85kpa. Safety switch shuts off drill motor if air pressure drops. (For non-swivel base models only)
Part No. 05000

Slick-Stik Lubricant & RotaMagic Cutting Fluid provides the proper lubrication for annular cutter hole making

Super Concentrated Cutting Fluid

Super Concentrated Cutting Fluid is water soluble, biodegradable cutting lubricant that yields a 10:1 ratio when mixed with water. RotaMagic extends tool life and improves cutter performance.



Part No.
(12) 1 Pint Bottles
(4) 1 Gallon Bottles, makes 11 gallons each
(1) 5 Gallon Pail, makes 55 gallons
(1) 55 Gallon Drum, makes a lot of coolant!

For SDS Information please click here

RotaGel Cutting Lube is environmentally safe

RotaGel™ Cutting Lube

RotaGel Cutting Lube is an extremely environmentally friendly lubricant for all types of metals and metal working applications. The blue colored gel assures thorough coverage and provides long lasting superior lubrication. Use with annular cutters, taps, drills, reamers, end mills, & more.

Part No.
Case of 10 Tubes

RotaFoam Cutting Fluid for use with drills, annular cutters, taps and reamers

RotaFoam™ Cutting Fluid

RotaFoam Cutting Fluid is an extremely heavy-duty, high performance foamy lubricant for all types of metals and metal working applications. "Super Sticky" properties make the foam adhere to the metal and stay on longer. The blue colored foam allows you to "See Where You Spray" and also assures thorough coverage. Use with annular cutters, taps, drills, reamers, endmills, & more. (Only Available in the US & Canada)

Part No.
Case of 12 cans

Hougen Slick-Stik is a wax based lubricant for use with annular cutters and other cutting tools

Slick-StikLubricant is softer than other stick lubricants for easy application, providing superior adhesion to the tool, assuring thorough coverage. Use with ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Can be used with all Hougen cutters including "12,000-Series" Cutters for horizontal or overhead drilling.

Slick-Stik™ Lube

Part No.
(6) 16 oz. Slick-Stik Lubricant
(12) 1.68 oz. Mini Slick-Stik Lubricant

For SDS Information please click here




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