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Speed Reducer

No Comparison

The Speed Reducer is for large diameter Holcutters or for all sizes when drilling thru stainless steel. It slows the RPMs down to a more effective cutting speed using a 4:1 gear ratio. The Speed reducer can be mounted directly to a 1/2" drill (pictured) or mounted in a 1/2" chuck using the triple-flatted adapter (04943). Holcutters mount directly to the Speed Reducer using the Quad-Lead Thread System.

Speed Reducer

* Parts Required to make Speed Reducer work: (14008, 04812, 04938, & 04939)

Part No.
Speed Reducer for 1/2" Drills
Hex Washer
Clamp Handle
3/16" Pilot
Thread Adapter for 3/8" Drills
Triple-flatted Shank Adapter for use in 1/2" drill chucks

Electrician's & Fabricator's Kit
The sturdy plastic case contains the most popular sizes of cutters for electricians and general fabricators. It keeps them protected and easy to find.
Part No.
Plastic tool case contains (6) Holcutters (7/8,1-1/8, 1-3/8, 1-3/4, 2 & 2-1/2") Arbor, Pilot, Hex Washer, and Instructions

Note: These are just starting points and speed may have to be adjusted accordingly.
For Metric Cutters use closest fractional size.

*For longest tool life and best performance, always use
RotaMagic™ Cutting Fluid or Slick Stik™ Lubricant

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