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Extended Capacity...

Higher Penetration Rates

Rotabroach Cutters clearly require less energy, what is the productivity result?

1. Extend the capacity of the machine tool by using a Rotabroach Cutter larger than the typical size restriction of conventional drills for that machine, while staying within its horsepower rating.

2. Go faster. Most users opt for this choice whenever possible. This can be done by increasing the penetration rate. Rotabroach Cutters have more teeth than conventional drilling tools.
- Twist Drills - 2 cutting edges
- Indexable Drills - 1 effective
- Rotabroach Cutters - 3 to 12 ( on stock tools depending on the diameter)

The utilization of more cutting edges/teeth with Rotabroach Cutters allows for increased penetration rates. Small Rotabroach Cutter sizes do not possess a vast difference in power consumption, since the area factor does not provide significant power reduction. More teeth, however, are an advantage for increased feed rates for all sizes:



- IPM = Inches per minute penetration rate
- FPT = Feed per tooth (.002-.005 IPT)
- NT = Number of teeth
- RPM Revolutions per minute

Even with high penetration rates, low chip loads per tooth are maintained. Forces on the teeth are kept low, reducing the tendency of tooth fracture and failure. Low thrust forces are the key element for applicability on thin walled workpieces and other nonconventional applications.


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