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General Mag Drill & Annular Cutter Drilling Tips

  • #1 cause of broken or prematurely dull cutters is too slow of feed rate. Slower feed
    rates will not add life to your cutter but actually reduce the cutter's life. Use firm steady feed pressure throughout cut.

  • Always make sure to clear all chips from your cutter before starting the next hole.

  • Make sure support system for drill arbor is in place and not worn out. If using on a drill press, a support system must be used.

  • For harder material use Hougen's Premium Cutters or Copperhead Carbide Tip Cutters.

  • Make sure mag drill is on a clean work piece and securely attached. Uneven or large build up of debris can cause drill slippage. Material must be at least 3/8" thick. Painted material can also be troublesome if paint buildup does not allow magnet to hold securely.

  • When slug ejection becomes unreliable or tool resists cutting, resharpen or replace your cutter.

  • Always use coolant when drilling. For best results use Hougen's Slick-StikTM or RotaMagicTM cutting lubrication.

  • For best performance always maintain your drill as instructed in your operator's manual.

  • Always observe standard and specific safety instructions.

  • When in doubt, call Hougen Manufacturing's Technical Service (810) 635-7111.

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